Friday, August 26, 2011

Vintage Boy Scout Items

This past weekend, I happened upon a yard sale in the mountains when I was on my antique ventures.  In general, I have sworn off yard sales.  I have found too many to be disappointments for the kind of goodies I am hunting for.  I'd rather sleep in on my Saturday morning.  On occasion, however, if I pass one when I'm out and it doesn't appear to be mostly kid stuff, I'll stop.  At this sale, I picked up a box of vintage sheet music which I will sell in parcels.  It's great for paper crafters.  I also picked up a bag of old boy scout and cub scout items.  I had a chance to look at it today and am pleased with what I found.  It all appears to be from the 1960's.  Fun.  Hopefully, there is a collector out there who will enjoy these items.  I will sell them at the next Cooperage Market sale in September.  Here's a peek for you.

I love the graphics on these two kerchiefs.

Well, I'm off to paint and clean.  It's a beautiful day and the windows will be wide open.  Enjoy your day.

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ellenjones said...

Love the kerchiefs. My brothers had some like them. Fun to see again. Thanks for sharing.