Sunday, August 7, 2011

Vintage Magazines

Rainy today so no flea market, which actually worked out fine as I had early morning and all day away plans anyhow. I'll share a little about that tomorrow, but for now I thought I might share with you a contented evening I spent here alone the other night. Everyone in the family had plans out of the house save me. I spent a delightful evening cozied up with a stack of seven vintage magazines perusing the old articles, recipes and advertisements. What fun! No schedules, no interruptions, just me and the dogs and a stack of nostalgia. I tore out several advertisements that caught my eye for future projects and several recipes to try. I love the old wording like saying cupfuls instead of cups; a pinch of something instead of an exact measurements or ingredients such as sweet milk or confectionary sugar instead of powdered sugar. It just sounds like it tastes better! There were plenty of other tasks I could have been doing, but all could wait while I enjoyed a little time just for me. Hope you find some similar time to do something you love as well. Enjoy!

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