Monday, August 8, 2011

Rambling in the Rain in Rockport

Yesterday the girls and I ventured off to meet my mother (here for a long visit from Nebraska) and my aunt (here for a short visit from Washington) in Newberry Port, MA where my parents are temporarily calling home.  After gathering ourselves, the five of us headed off to Rockport.  Our goal was to spend a lovely day together, first seeing the retreat house my mother enjoys so much once a year in Gloucester right on the ocean and then having a lovely seaside lunch followed by some meandering and shopping on Bearskin Neck in Rockport.  The weather forecast cooperated right up until the night before, when rain jumped into the picture.  We went anyhow and hoped for the best.  Well the best was rain and LOTS of it until about an hour before we were ready to leave.  I don't think I've ever been so wet.  I felt like I had put on my dress straight from the washing machine before the spin cycle had wrung it out.  Despite the wet circumstances, we had a lovely time and I'm glad we went.  The company was great and we were all in good humor despite the dismal day.  Lunch was a wonderful affair and a lovely surprise to be treated to.  I finished it off with a slice of decadent chocolate cake with a side of peanut brittle ice cream.  Yum!  We all found a goody or two while shopping, and I even picked up a couple of fun gifts for family.

I love watching out for what I consider to be photo quality doors and windows when I'm venturing about on day tips and vacations.  Not sure what it is about them that attracts me so, but I have quite an archive of window and door photos stored away.  I was able to capture these two between the raindrops.

I love the seaside gardens that seem to thrive on even the smallest postage stamp lot.  The flowers are so vibrant and growing so vigorously.  They were a lovely sight even in the rain.

Guess it's not the circumstances you find yourself in that dictate the day, but what you make of them.  I think we made a very nice day out of them!!

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