Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Heidi's Bed

Looking back at past posts, there were several sharing Heidi's room redo with you.  The tour left off without showing you everything, not because I forgot, but because I was a little burnt out and needed a break before the final big work push.  Well one task led to another and before I knew it I was immersed in a wealth of other work and Heidi's room was on the back burner.  Well, it was long past time for me to but it back on the front where it belonged, so I am pushing forward and trying to finish it up.  Here is the redone bed.  The comforter is store bought for the bed that I built a platform for, to enable it to be tucked into this little nook.  I made the bed skirt from red stripped ticking. 

The large pillow cases, I made from homespun fabric and bits of ticking trim, and notions like vintage buttons, french ribbon, scrabble tiles and stamped linen (bought from my friend Kris over at Cricket Acres Studio).  

The small pillows, I made from two colors of ticking and homespun panels that I ironed on images reproduced and enlarged from a vintage French dictionary.  I pulled it all together while Heidi was away with a friend for a couple days.  It was so much fun to surprise her.  And it is so much fun to see this finally coming together.  Hope you like it too.

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Kim said...

LOVE the bedding; looks so fresh and comfy. Using images from the French dictionary is a really unique idea - plus, maybe someday Heidi will decide to use the pillows in her baby's nursery... :D

I received my goodie box yesterday; thank you SOOOO much! Just the way you wrapped everything was a gift itself; I was delighted by everything from the hand-typed address label right down to the decorative paper you used to line the bottom of the box - and of course, EVERYTHING in between! What a joy to receive; thank you again, Tera - love it all, and love you. ♥