Thursday, August 11, 2011

A Sneak Peak at this Weekend's Marketplace

Well, I am pretty much all set up at the Cooperage Marketplace for our weekend sale, so I thought I'd snap a couple quick photos to get whet your appetite.  It looks great, if I do say so myself.
You can see from the photo that the lockers I picked up roadside turned out beautifully.

Remember this photo showcasing my few finds in Connecticut.  Well....check out the transformation to the rolling shopping cart.

I painted the inside rim and spokes of the wheels as well as the straight leg tips and part of the top handle.  Next, using burlap and a vintage drapery panel, I created a custom liner for the basket.

Complete, right down to the pockets inside the back panel to hold a custom water bottle.  The owner will be the belle of any flea market or farmer's market ball, don't you think?

Lastly, this is not my piece, but I couldn't resist sharing it with you.  One of the dealers is a very handy man with visions of new uses for old stuff.  This is a garden sink center.  The base is from an old sewing machine, the sink is an enamel wash bowl and a door is the back wall from which to hang your mirror.  Pretty clever, huh?  I want one.  Guess I'll have to see how creative I can be.  Remember that vintage green sink from a few flea markets back.  Well, do I have plans now!
Take care an hope to see some of you at the Marketplace tomorrow.

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Kim said...

First of all, WOOOHOOO - thank you sooo much, Tera! I didn't even know you were doing the goodie give-away until I came over to your blog to sneak another peek at your most recent post - then bounced right out of my chair when I saw that I won! I'm thrilled - and will let you know what "fun" things I come up with to do with the contents. :) ♥

As always, I'm just enthralled with how you decide to re-style various items - for example, the cart turned out simply darling; sure wish I'd had that when I haunted the San Diego area flea markets years ago.

I also LOVED seeing pix of your studio; I spent quite a bit of time on those, because I'd zoom in on various parts of the pix so I could REALLY "snoop" into the nooks and crannies - in fact, I do that with almost all of the pix you post, because there's just so much to look at. Now, if I could just figure out a way to open up all the drawers and cupboards from here to snoop into those as

I so admire your vision and talent, Tera - and I'm really glad you are allowing the rest of us to enjoy it - and learn from you - via this blog.

Thanks again for sharing some of your treasures with me!

Love you...

P.S. Fair warning: If I ever get out to your end of the country, you should probably expect me to try talking you out of some more of those sweet little vintage doodads - because there are several I really want to add to MY collection of vintage doodads! :D