Saturday, August 20, 2011

Twin Elm Farm Home Furnishings and Antiques

I went out meandering today to do a few practical errands and combined it with some antiquing fun.  A new shop has opened up in Peterborough, NH on route 101, called Twin Elm Farms Home Furnishings and Antiques.  The business has opened in an old New England farmhouse that has been tastefully and authentically restored to provide the happy shopper with a comfortable, well lit (much of it natural through improved windows) and delightful antique seeking experience.  I know the owner, Louise, who shows happy enthusiasm for this new endeavor.  Only open a week, and the doors are constantly opening with customer traffic.  The official grand opening is next weekend with give aways, refreshments and delightful atmosphere.  While I was there, procuring a treasure or two (or three!), I snapped a bunch of photos to share with you.  Whether to whet your appetite as a local who can take a trip out there, or to inspire you with it's lovely vignettes if you can't get out there, I hope you enjoy the tour.  The shop is open seven days a week.

I asked about the twin elms, assuming they were on the property somewhere.  I learned that the elm tree had been one tree that split into two and grew like Siamese twins.  The trees have long been gone from the property, but the farm has retained the name through many years of history and Louise chose to honor the heritage by keeping it the same.  Well done!

The entrance at the front porch greets the shopper like an old friend waiting with rockers, wicker and an iced jug of water.

The shop is a multi dealer one. The following photos highlight many of the delightful booths and spaces.

Even the powder room has a wonderful display!  I LOVE this old dental cabinet.  Wish I had a place for it and the spare cash in my pocket to bring it home.

Thank you, Louise, for allowing me the pleasure of photographing your new shop and sharing it on my blog.  I wish you all the best and success in this happy, new adventure!

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Kim said...

Ooooh, I desperately covet those cabinets with the little drawers (yes, both of them!) in the pic with the "Terpin Terr." sign - and also love the old dentist's cart. A girl just can't have enough storage... :D