Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Today's Estate Sale...Hmmm...

All right, so it turned out to be another bit of a disappointment.  This estate sale showed promising photos on line and the host of the sale promised it was a back to basics, good old fashioned estate sale with lots of goodies.  Well..... let's just say he was using a lot of imagination in that description.  The good news is that only about a dozen people were in line when the doors opened at 9:30.  This is quite contrary to the usual 40+ I'm used to at one of his sales.  Granted, this one was a bit further away, but I was still surprised at the low turnout.  Fortunately, less people meant less competition and I was able to take a bit of extra time combing thru nooks and crannies to discover any goodies that may work for me.  Pickings were very slim and condition of items was generally poor and too pricey for condition.  After some scouring, here's what I came up with for my $34.00.
The shelf unit on the far left is very shabby and the bottom third is totally rotted.  I will cut it off and simply make it smaller.  It looks to have been built out of old crates and palettes 50 years or so ago.  It will still hold some appeal for someone once I rehab it a bit.  The white table will get a sanding and paint job.  The wire shelves appear to be an old market display stand of some sort.  The small metal table will get sanded and repainted to go with my vintage metal garden chairs om my deck.

There is a funky hanging lamp base that will see some serious work.  A box of vintage clothes pins, a bread box, some vintage hangers, a few pieces of vintage glassware and kitchen utensils, a galvanized tray, a life preserver and a bubble light candelabra for Christmas, a woven grass tote and a small metal shelf  pretty much round out the haul.

This afternoon, I sorted and packaged up vintage clothes pins.  There were four different styles, some quite old.  These are ready for sale at the upcoming market.

Despite the small haul, I am still glad I went.  It is a change of pace and always interesting to see inside an old home.  It amazes me how many people seem to decorate their homes once and that's it.  Don't think this home had seen any changes since the mid 60's.  That just seems crazy.  But perhaps I am the crazy one, redecorating my house all the time.  Well, at any rate, I enjoy it and it keeps me out of trouble (mostly!). 

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