Friday, April 8, 2011

Estate Sale Part 1

Two red, white and blue chairs (one a chaise) for children.  What a great
display they'll make in July.  Also a great collection of vintage games
and records.  Four simple, but nice colored bath towels and a sweet sun umbrella tops it off.
On another happy note, as you can see in the next picture, spring has sprung in my
yard and the snow is all melted, revealing my garden beds.  I'm itching to get growing!
So.....yesterday, I finally had the chance to go to a good estate sale.  It has been a long time since there has been a good one, and one that I can attend.  It felt to good to go and have a little fun.  Estate sales can be tricky.  They can easily morph into stress, wanting things that someone else picked up first, people being angry and pushy, and people trying to take stuff out of your pile, despite marking it sold.  I've worked very hard with myself and continually remind myself that it is all just stuff.  It wasn't mine to begin with and if I leave without it, my life will not be any the worse for.  Also, these homes we go into, belonged to someone else, usually an elderly person who has died or can't live alone any more.  They laughed and loved and lived and struggled and cried in these homes, and we need to act with the same respect for their home and belongings as we would if they were there greeting us and asking us to come in.  I like to ask the sale facilitator for the person's name and whether they are still alive or deceased.  It is then my great honor to lift that person and their life in prayer to God, and with thankfulness that their life can still be a blessing to others.  This has always helped me to have a less stressful experience and  to keep things in perspective.  It,is easy to get sucked in, but I remind myself constantly and feel pretty good about it.

Some funky, but fun vintage bedspreads that will make fun tote bags. 
A vintage breadbox and cookbook.
Some great old records.
A stool, table, a bowl of black and white photos and a thick
scrapbook from the 50's, full of vintage valentines and greeting cards.

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