Friday, April 15, 2011

New For The Cooperage

I had a very productive day on Thursday this past week.  I put together lots of happy little items to sell.  It felt so good to operate without a schedule or deadline and just put some ideas together.
These are bundles of French-like ribbon (not old).  I bundle 5 yards, secure it around the center with a vintage zipper, and label it using a vintage french vocabulary card that I embossed with a business seal for the 1950's and typed on "5 yards ribbon".  I took in 9 bundles.  I  took in 6 two weeks ago and they sold quickly.  Hopefully these will be appreciated as well.

I wrapped 12 old clothespins with 18 yards each of red and white bakers twine.  The price tag is a vintage  cardboard anagram letter attached with string through a tiny hole punched in the corner.

Bags of vintage sewing notions have been a huge hit for me.  I sell them as quick as I put them on the shelf.  Fortunately, the last estate sale produced some new notions, cause I was all out.  This time, I had fun adding the anagram letters to spell "sew".  They are full of old spools, trims, buttons, tiny sewing scissors, thimbles, zippers, pins, measuring tapes, snap and hook cards and more!  All vintage.

I had fun putting together bundles of vintage cookbooks and cooking leaflets.  I made six bundles.  Each one has between 6 and 9 items inside.  The fun part was that I put them together according to color theme. 

 It was a fun, productive day, and everything looks so nice at the Cooperage.

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