Thursday, April 21, 2011

A Tiny Peek at my Studio

It was a long time in the making, my studio that is. When we moved into our home 14+ years ago, it had a large unfinished basement. One of our early improvement projects was to divide it into three spaces: a storage room, a finished space where the windows and walkout are and a wood working/utility shop. Initially the finished space was a den of sorts with love seat, computer desk and kid toys. Two twin beds in the closet could be hauled out for company. Next the computer moved into a built in and the love seat and twin beds gave way to a guest room set up with a queen bed. Around the corner was a small space for my sewing and crafts. Finally and most recently the space has been entirely transformed into my studio with plenty of space for sewing, multimedia crafting and supporting my small antique business. It is a very happy space, one I appreciate and enjoy every day. Thought you might enjoy a little peek. Over the coming weeks, I'll show it all to you. For now, I hope you enjoy what you see.

This is a vintage dental office cabinet that I refurbished by removing lots of rust and repainting with a green and black theme that went well wit the black counter top piece that was in great shape. Each drawer is brimming with goodies I've collected over the years to use in projects. It's so nice to open a drawer to find what I need rather than searching through boxes on a basement shelf!

The drawers have so many happy treasures inside. This one is full of vintage cards from children's card games, lotto games, etc. I love the graphics on them.

These vintage goodie organizers were once used for displaying candy (the one on the left) and drill bits (the larger one on the right). They were perfect for holding some of my small treasures that are so easy to misplace. Now, I can find what I want at a glance. Well, that's your peek for now. More later!

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Kris said...

Looks great, so organized!!