Saturday, April 9, 2011

Estate Sale Part 2

Well, happily there was another good estate sale on Friday, which I had time to attend.  I picked up some great finds.  This home is still owner occupied.  My understanding is that in order to redecorate they were liquidating lots of stuff.  They must have either been collectors or antique dealers, since,for the age of the home and occupants, there was lots of good old stuff.  The prices were significantly higher than Thursday's sale, but still reasonable.  Due to cost, I had to be very selective.  Some items never made it into my pile, as the condition did not justify the price.  I am very content with the overall outcome.
The tally is: two vintage fans (have to check if they work or not);a bunch of little American flags; several great vintage games including pin-the-tale-on-the-donkey, United States bingo, and a WWI airplane game; some vintage grade school books; two great collections of wooden anagram letters; a big box of old wooden thread spools and vintage sewing supplies (only a tiny portion is shown here on the table); a table that will have its top transformed with a covering of yardsticks (I'll be sure to post that result); a great vintage green hamper; a few vintage kitchen utensils; a couple vintage office supplies; a vintage dress-up makeup box for children; an idea and activity book for girls from the 30's; and a sweet little oak, curved back chair (the damaged cane work will get removed and a cushy cushion will take its place).

I've had two very rewarding mornings, enough so that despite looking forward to the opening day of our great local flea market, I think I'm actually going to skip it and sleep a little extra instead.  I've got enough to work with for now.

On another note, besides all the snow being gone from my yard, spring has definitely sprung!  I have crocuses in full bloom, daffodils and tulip shoots coming up and bought my first big pot of pansies to have on the front porch.  I have been craving this time and am soooo glad it is finally here to stay.

The pot on the crate is mine, the others two are gifts.

 Check out the beautiful petals on the flowers.  They are ruffled.  I've not seen this before in a pansy.  So pretty!

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Kris said...

Good score and very pretty flowers!