Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Our Family Vacation in Maui

Well, last week was spring break for Massachusetts schools and we took an overdue, well deserved family vacation to .............MAUI!!!!!  It was great!  More travel time than we'd like, but well worth it.

We stayed at a resort right on a beach.  They had fabulous gardens, water features, a fun network of swimming pools complete with tasteful water slides, the only water elevator in the world and a rope swing, a wonderful restaurant, great beach, great service and a spacious, lovely room with a lanai with cozy seating overlooking gardens and ocean.

One view of the resort paths, gardens and buildings.
Adults only outdoor lounging area with both pool and beach access.

The resort buildings are open to the outside gardens and accessible by paths and stone steps.

This is a view of the beach associated with the resort.
 We spent some of our time on the island exploring other beaches.  one was a black sand beach.  The cliff next to the beach showed 1000's of years of erosion, revealing the black lava stone underneath that was responsible for the black sand.

Black sand beach.
This was a beach called "Big Beach."  Indeed the beach was big in length, but the biggest thing that impressed us was the 5-10 foot high waves breaking on the shore.  We did not venture in, but enjoyed watching them crash and splash as well as watching the crazy surfers who were mostly wiping out, but all seemed to be having fun.
Sunset at Big Beach.

As you can imagine with any tropical paradise, the island flora and fauna is breathtaking.  I love the flowers that bloom profusely everywhere.  Here is a very small sampling of those I captured on film.

It was a great visit enjoyed by all four of us.

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Kris said...

Love the pictures! Looks like you had a fabulous time!