Friday, April 8, 2011

More of Heidi's New Room

Thought you might like to see more of Heidi's room project.  She is very content with the outcome of her redo.   And thankfully, also very patient, as I am still tying up the loose ends.

This custom, mommy-made, bulletin board spans one wall of her room.
Each of the three panels is made of homeosote board covered with
homespun fabric and anchored to the wall with mouldings.  The "NO PARKING"
sign came from a flea market expedition last fall.

A close up of one section of board.  She's my little collector.
Here you see some of her keys, stopwatch and ruler collection,
as well as her favorite number, made of two pieces of old licence plates.

The desk cubby you've seen, but I finally added the side curtain
to disguise part of the door frame.
Here is the answer to a nightstand/bookcase.  Three vintage fruit
crates (labels intact on the sides) serve her well, especially after
she so creatively arranged them.

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