Friday, April 8, 2011

My Space at the Cooperage

Here's a peek at my spot at the Cooperage in Townsend, MA.  I used to have just the space with the white cupboard, but as of April 1, I now have double the space.  (Still small, but just right for this girl.)  I plan to hang up some fabric on the wall behind my space to warm it up.  I'm also going to hang  a window frame on the wall to be able to display curtains for sale.  Had hoped to do it this week, but being under the weather with a bug of some sort, kept me taking too many naps to get it done.  I'm in no hurry though.  If I rush it, then it becomes stressful, and that is not my aim here.  I want to have fun with this, not stress.  I'll show you some new pictures when I get the area spruced up. Until then, I still think it is a very happy space! And so far, it looks like it must be happy for the shoppers as well. I've met or exceeded my sales goal each month. My goals are not set very high, just high enough to keep me going. In celebration of my continuing success, I made the decision last month to tythe 10% of my monthly check from sales to my church. They fund so many wonderful programs here and abroad. My contribution is rather small, but I feel so blessed to be able to contribute some money on my own, not just what we contribute as a family.
This shows my original space, although it was about a foot less on the left.

This is the new addition to my space.

A peek into a happy cupboard.  Notice the little journals
on the bottom shelf.  Those are the ones I blogged
about last week.  I also made the little shadow box
with the bird and nest on the second shelf.

Some vintage Easter.

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